Planning Application Ref: 3568/20/TCA
Applicant Name: Mr Kim Sayer
Description: T1: Ash - Re-coppice to previous points. G1: Sycamore x 3 - Crown height reduction by 2-3m and lateral reduction by 1-2m on all sides. T2: Sycamore - Crown height reduction by 2-3m and lateral reduction by1-2m on all sides. T3: Walnut - Overall crown reduction by 2m on all sides. G2: Rowan x2 & Oak x2 - Through prune small tertiary branches growing around BT lines approx. 5m from ground level on North East side to provide clearance from BT cable. T4: Apple - Reshape & removalof 1m growth on all sides. T5: Goat Willow - Pollard to 5m from groundlevel. G3: Sweet Chestnut x2 - Crown raise to 3.5m from ground level.
Address: Lane End Stables Cornworthy TQ9 7ES
Application Date: 09 November 2020
Officer Name: Lee Marshall Target Determination Date: 21 December 2020
Agent Name: Mr Aran Kimberlee - Dartforest Limited
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Consultation response - External - Highways List - No Highways Implications - 18/11/2020
Application form - 09/11/2020
Sketch plan - 09/11/2020