Planning Application Ref: 0365/18/TCA
Applicant Name: Mrs Fran Cash
Description: T1: Beech - deadwood removal (exempt), crown height reduction by up to1.5 metres to bring good shape to canopy, strengthen tree structure byreducing lengthy branches; T2: Beech - deadwood removal (exempt), remove few branches with significant cavities, crown height reduction by up to 2 metres, interfering with telecoms cables; T3: Horse Chestnut - deadwood removal (exempt), pollard to 7 metres from ground level, prune branches interfering with telecoms cables by up to 2.5 metres, leaning over highway and parked cars, growing into telecoms cables.
Address: Larks Rise Lane From Fore Street To Foxglove Cottage Harberton Devon TQ9 7SQ
Application Date: 14 February 2018
Officer Name: Katherine Jones Target Determination Date: 28 March 2018
Agent Name: Mr Florian Speight
Decision Date: 09 May 2018
Tree Works Allowed

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Decision notice - 09/05/2018
Site location plan - 0365/18/TPO Trees Location Plan - 14/02/2018
Application form - 0365/18/TCA Application Form - 14/02/2018