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3369/21/LBC Mr & Mrs Ingle
Listed Building Consent for alterations and refurbishment to dwelling Application within consultation/publicity period
Sailmakers Cottage Victoria Quay Salcombe TQ8 8DA 28 September 2021
3359/21/HHO Mr & Mrs Barnes
Householder application for single storey rear extension
10 Deer Park Close Tavistock PL19 9HE 28 September 2021
3279/21/FUL Ian McMahon
Removal of external ladder, staircase and chimneys. Installation of two rear facing balconies Application within consultation/publicity period
6 Glenthorne House Devon Road Salcombe TQ8 8HQ 28 September 2021
3639/21/TCA Mr Christopher Burrow
T1: Beech - Fell due to developing structural fault
Netherton Lodge Buckland Monachorum PL20 7NL 27 September 2021
3635/21/HHO Mr & Mrs Taylor
Householder application for refurbishment, extension and landscaping works (Resubmission of 1641/21/HHO) Application within consultation/publicity period
Sunnydale Newton Road Salcombe TQ8 8HH 27 September 2021
3633/21/HHO Mr Graham Brown
Householder application installation of replacement rain water soakaway (Retrospective) Application within consultation/publicity period
Ivy Cottage Hemerdon PL7 5BU 27 September 2021
3626/21/TCA Mr Paul Harding
G1 - Beech x 10 - Crown lift to approximately 5 metres from ground level, lateral reduction by approximately 2.5 metres on West side and up to 1 metre on East side due to being overgrown
Old Post Office Ashprington TQ9 7UL 27 September 2021
3625/21/HHO Mr & Mrs Squire
Householder application for proposed extension, loft conversion and internal alterations to existing dwelling (Resubmission of 1647/21/HHO) Application within consultation/publicity period
Homeleigh New Road Stoke Fleming TQ6 0NR 27 September 2021
3499/21/FUL Mr And Mrs S Lethbridge
Proposed 10.00 x 3.04M Building for Use as Parking and Storage Application within consultation/publicity period
2 Horsebrook Barn Avonwick 27 September 2021
3489/21/TCA Mr David Boon
G1:Ash - Coppice 2 adjacent Ash stools to 0.3 metres from ground leveldue to Ash Dieback
Pinhays Farm South Pool TQ7 2RP 27 September 2021
3488/21/TPO Peter Paisley
T0965: Ash - Coppice to 3m from ground level for safety reasons; G0351: Davey Elm x2 - Fell dead trees; G0352: Davey Elm x2 - Fell dead trees; T0353: Sweet Chestnut - Crown height reduction by 6- 8m on south east side, tree leaning towards driveway; T0354: Ash - Pollard to 5m from ground level due Ash Dieback and canker; Compartment 1: Mixed Broadleaf - Crown raise to 5.2m from ground leveldue to overhanging lane
Redhills Stokenham TQ7 2SS 27 September 2021
3446/21/HHO Miss T Desfontaines
Householder application for alterations and extension, provision of raised terrace Application within consultation/publicity period
22 Broom Park Dartington TQ9 6JR 27 September 2021
3423/21/HHO Ms Lydia Stangroom
Householder application for extension of kitchen, new indoor link to existing lower ground bedroom and office in the existing loft space and external overhaul of windows and render Application within consultation/publicity period
Inchcape 41 Yealm Road Newton Ferrers PL8 1BH 27 September 2021
3235/21/FUL Mr & Mrs Brazier
New Residential Dwelling
Harwood Farm Salcombe Road Malborough TQ7 3EW 27 September 2021
3070/21/TPO Mrs Janet Jefferis
T1: Sycamore - Removal of limb at approx 3m from ground level on south side, crown height reduction by 1-2m, removal of epicormic growth due to proximity to property; T2: Sycamore - Removal of limb atapprox 1.5m from ground level on south east side, removal of limb at approx 1-2m from ground level on east side and crown reduction by 1-2mdue to interfering with top of Devon bank; T3: Sycamore - Removal of limb at approx 2m from ground level on north side and crown height reduction by 1-2m as interfering with top of Devon bank; T4: Sycamore - Removal of limb at approx 2-3m from ground level on south west side to improve shape of tree. A1: Mixed species - Lateral reduction by 6-
46 Barton Brake Wembury PL9 0BJ 27 September 2021

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