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1606/21/HHO Mr G Hyne
Householder application for single storey extension to rear elevation to form new dining area
6 Bowers Park Drive Woolwell PL6 7SH 28 April 2021
Application for approval of details reserved by condition 6 of Planning Permission 2908/18/HHO Application under consideration by Officer
4 Lydford Close Ivybridge Devon PL21 0YW 28 April 2021
1604/21/LBC Linda Smith
Listed Building Consent for repairs to windows and doors and internal works including fireproofing works
7 Fore Street Kingsbridge TQ7 1PG 28 April 2021
1589/21/ARC Mr Ian Wood
Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 4 and 12 (Partial) of Planning Permission 4057/17/FUL Application under consideration by Officer
Outset Main Road Salcombe TQ8 8JW 28 April 2021
1588/21/FUL Mrs T Prust
Application for change of use from private dwelling into two private homes
Crosse House Mill Hill Stoke Gabriel TQ9 6RB 28 April 2021
1412/21/HHO Jordan Tillyer and Reegan West
Householder application for proposed garage (resubmission of 2218/20/HHO) Application within consultation/publicity period
46 Carpenter Way Tavistock PL19 0FL 28 April 2021
1359/21/TPO Mr And Mrs Lewis and Karen Flowerdew
T57: Ash - Fell; T58: Ash - Fell; T59 - Ash - Fell; T60: Oak - deadwood removal (exempt); T61: Ash - deadwood removal (exempt)
5 Kingfisher Drive Okehampton EX20 1ER 28 April 2021
1149/21/HHO Mr Brad Nicholls
Householder application for two-storey front extension and internal refurbishment. Modification to window and door arrangement, provision of 3no. roof windows, and formation of 1no. parking space to front garden Application within consultation/publicity period
1 Havelock Terrace Lutton PL21 9SP 28 April 2021
1137/21/HHO Anthony Tudor
Householder application for modification to platform and change straight staircase to spiral (part retrospective) Application within consultation/publicity period
Ste Helene 23 South Town Dartmouth TQ6 9BX 28 April 2021
0674/21/HHO Mr Phil Barber
Householder application for garden cabin
5 Newman Crescent Dartington TQ9 6HJ 28 April 2021
0150/21/TCA Sir Keith Mills
T1: Sycamore - Crown lift to 6m from ground level on all sides, deadwood and ivy removal (exempt). T2: Indian Bean Tree - Crown heightreduction by 1m, lateral reduction by 1m on all sides. T3: Robina Frisia - Reduction of lowest branch on West side by 2m. T4: Atlas Cedar - Crown raise to 2m from ground level. T5: Eucalyptus - Crown height reduction by 5m, lateral reduction on all sides by 2m and crownthin by 20%. T6: Magnolia - Crown height reduction by 2m & lateral reduction by 2m on all sides, crown thin by 20%. T7: Magnolia - Crown thin by 20%. G8: Lime x2 - Crown raise to 3m from ground level and sever ivy. T9: Eucalyptus - Crown height reduction by 3m.
Vine House Lower Batson Salcombe TQ8 8NR 28 April 2021
1689/21/DCC Devon County Council
County Matters application for variation of Condition 2 of DCC/3874/2016 to permit the continued use of land for the importation,storage and treatment of waste materials suitable to create soils appropriate for land restoration until 14th September 2026 - DCC ref DCC/4233/2021 Application within consultation/publicity period
Lee Moor China Clay Works Lee Moor Shaugh Prior Plympton PL7 5JP 27 April 2021
1599/21/PAA Mr David Seear
Prior Approval Application following 1046/21/AGR application for a pro Application within consultation/publicity period
Loworthy Barn Lane To Loworthy Farmhouse Slapton Devon TQ7 2RB 27 April 2021
1597/21/COM Ms Kelly Irvine - Airband Community Internet Limited
Notice of intention to install electronic communications apparatus comprising 1x no. cabinet 950mm wide x 650mm deep x 1500mm high next to existing cabinet Permitted development
Whitchurch Road Tavistock PL19 9BB 27 April 2021
1584/21/CLE Mr Johnathan and Mrs M Liddle
Certificate of Lawfulness for existing use of land as domestic curtilage/garden Application within consultation/publicity period
Butterford Mill Cottage Diptford TQ9 7NL 27 April 2021

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