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1230/22/LBC Mrs Sharon Gorman
Listed Building Consent for new gravel driveway and installation of new cattle grid in existing driveway Application within consultation/publicity period
Butterford Cottage Folly Gate EX20 3AQ 09 June 2022
0072/22/HHO Mr Tom Vaughan
Householder application for proposed two storey extension to dwelling to create additional living accommodation & WFH office space. Application within consultation/publicity period
56 Henacre Road Kingsbridge TQ7 1DP 09 June 2022
4261/21/HHO Suzanne Clough
Householder application for rear single storey extension and two storey side extension Application within consultation/publicity period
2 Grenville Drive Tavistock PL19 8DP 08 June 2022
2017/22/TCA Mrs Suzie Johnstone
T1: Spruce - section fell to ground level, this tree is now very large for the area it was planted (presumably a Christmas tree), it spans across two narrow gardens and as a result numerous other attractive shrubs are hindered. the tree is also shading and dropping needles in a small fish pond which will eventually increase the acidity levels of the water. The lack of light to the pond also decreases biodiversity amongst waterborne organisms.
33 Cornwall Street Bere Alston Devon PL20 7BE 08 June 2022
2015/22/TPO Estall
G3: Lime - Deadwood Removal (Deadwood Exempt), Crown Raise to 5 metres, Remove epicormic growth from stem base to 1.5m above ground level, Crown height reduction by 1.5-2 metres, Crown reduction to mid-low canopy over highway (north-east) and Crown thin by 15-20% due to being low over the adjacent public highway, in very close proximityto the existing dwelling and are causing concern to the owner & occupants. The crown management and re-shaping will give the trees a more balanced and pleasing visual appeal, the pruning will maintain the required highway clearance Management of the basal growth will allow detailed stem-base inspection and inform tree risk assessment
Brampton 4 St Johns Tavistock Devon PL19 9RF 08 June 2022
2010/22/TCA Ms Daphne Johnson
T1: Pittosporum - Fell and Remove due to being too close to boundary wall Application under consideration by Officer
Orchard House Paignton Road Stoke Gabriel TQ9 6SE 08 June 2022
2006/22/TPO Mr Remus Management ltd
T4: Oak Tree - Lateral Reduction by 2 metres on northern side due to overhanging the driveway Application under consideration by Officer
10 Barton Brake Wembury PL9 0BJ 08 June 2022
2001/22/ARC Mrs Frances Gassor
Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 5 (landscaping scheme), 6 (retention of hedges), 7 (surface water drainage), 8 (foul drainage) and 10 (materials) of planning consent 3778/19/FUL Application within consultation/publicity period
39 Weymouth Park Hope Cove TQ7 3HD 08 June 2022
2000/22/ARC Mr Chris Sutton-Scott-Tucker
Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 6 (surface water drainage), 7 (foul drainage), 8 (landscaping scheme) and 9 (boundary treatment) of planning consent 0848/21/FUL Application awaiting key consultation responses
Barn at SX 859 498 Venn Dartmouth 08 June 2022
1989/22/ARC Mole Valley Feed Supplements Ltd
Application for approval of details reserved by condition 4 (Demolition and Construction Management Plan) of planning consent 2365/21/FUL Application within consultation/publicity period
Spry Mill Station Road Tinhay PL16 0BA 08 June 2022
1767/22/FUL Mr I Horner
Erection of general purpose agricultural building Application within consultation/publicity period
Land at Barberry Farm Dittisham TQ6 0JA 08 June 2022
1753/22/HHO Mr Alex Morrison
Householder application for proposed roof mounted PV panels to existing outbuilding Application within consultation/publicity period
Well Farm Chillington TQ7 2LQ 08 June 2022
1494/22/FUL Mr Mark Lane
Conversion of a traditional barn into an annex to the existing accommodation Application within consultation/publicity period
63 High Street North Tawton EX20 2HG 08 June 2022
1414/22/VAR Mr Navin Bagga - West One Loans
Application for variation of condition 2 (approved plans) of planning consent 3519/16/FUL (APP/K1128/W/17/3174774)
Vantage Point Bonaventure Road Salcombe TQ8 8BE 08 June 2022
1191/22/HHO Mr J Pugh
Householder application for extension of roof to create 2 storey dwelling from existing 1.5 storey loft conversion (Re-submission of application 4702/21/HHO)
9 Belle Cross Road Kingsbridge TQ7 1NL 08 June 2022

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