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3774/21/FUL Mr Oliver Cole - J Cole & Son
Provision of an agricultural livestock building and a manure store Conditional Approval
East Cannamore Farm Avonwick Totnes TQ10 9HA 08 October 2021
3773/21/OPA Bickle
Outline application with all matters reserved for proposed construction of agricultural worker's dwelling
Knole Farm Bridestowe EX20 4HA 08 October 2021
3772/21/TPO Mrs Zenobia Brown
T1: Holm Oak - Re-pollard to previous cuts to manage re-growth. T2: Lawson Cypress - Fell due to suppressing neighbouring trees. Tree Works Allowed
Inverdart Cottage Castle Road Kingswear TQ6 0BT 08 October 2021
3771/21/TPO Mrs Zenobia Brown
G1: Mixed species hedge (15m long) - Remove in order to repair stone wall. Tree Works Allowed
Inverdart Cottage Castle Road Kingswear TQ6 0BT 08 October 2021
3770/21/HHO Mr G Gage
Householder application for proposed rear two storey extension an alteration works Application within consultation/publicity period
Folly End Folly Lane Salcombe TQ8 8BT 08 October 2021
3657/21/FUL Mr Garth Redgrave
Construction of two covered carports and a secure store for private domestic use on the site of existing open parking spaces Conditional Approval
Garage Workshop The Village Buckland Monachorum PL20 7NA 08 October 2021
3566/21/TPO Mr Ian Kempsell
T7 & T8: Oak - Crown lift to 5m from ground level, crown thin upper crown by 25% and removal of epicormic growth from trunks. Trees becoming excessively large and impacting property. Lesser Tree works allowed
7 Blackeven Close Roborough PL6 7AX 08 October 2021
3545/21/FUL Mr Barry Dann
Agricultural shed for tools and livestock - Retrospective (Resubmission of 2429/21/FUL) Conditional Approval
Bow Park North of Hunters Oak Bere Alston Yelverton PL20 7HT 08 October 2021
3515/21/HHO Mr Luke Disney
Householder application for proposed garage (Resubmission of 0070/19/HHO)(Retrospective) Application within consultation/publicity period
Whare Witi Poaka Maypool TQ5 0ET 08 October 2021
3503/21/ARM Mr & Mrs Horton
Application for approval of reserved matters following outline approval 1655/19/OPA (for provision of an agricultural worker's dwelling) Application within consultation/publicity period
Gerston Gate Barn Gerston Lane West Alvington 08 October 2021
3421/21/HHO Mr Michael Taylor
Householder application for proposed two storey side extension and single storey front extension Application within consultation/publicity period
11 Plover Rise Ivybridge PL21 9DA 08 October 2021
3784/21/CCN Mr T Freeth & Mrs A Freeth
Caravan Club notification of intention to issue exemption certificate for camping and caravanning No objection Recommend Approval
Wonton House Diptford Totnes TQ9 7LS 07 October 2021
3777/21/AGR Mr G Kirkwood - Collacombe Farm Ltd
Application to determine if prior approval is required for a proposed erection of agricultural building for storage purposes Prior Approval Not required
Collacombe Barton Lamerton PL19 8SB 07 October 2021
3757/21/ARC Owens
Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 7 and 8 of Planning Permission 2381/20/FUL Additional information requested from Applicant/Agent
Fowlescombe Farm Road From Fowlescombe Lodge To Fowlescombe Farm Ugborough Devon PL21 0HW 07 October 2021
3673/21/FUL Mr Tom Donnachie - Custodian Reit
Change of use from Class B2 (general industry) to a flexible use for Class B2 or B8 (storage or distribution) Conditional Approval
2 Western Wood Way Langage Business Park Plympton PL7 5BG 07 October 2021

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