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3838/21/TPO Mr Keel
T1: Monterey Cypress - Lateral reduction by 3 metres on south west side to reduce weight of limbs and likelihood of limb failure across highway, deadwood removal (exempt) Tree Works Allowed
4 Treveor Gardens Modbury PL21 0TE 13 October 2021
3830/21/CLE Mr GJL Hocking
Certificate of lawfulness for existing use of land in association withboat repair business
Land at SX 706 398 Luckhams Lane Kingsbridge 13 October 2021
3829/21/CLE Mr Craig Wensley
Certificate of existing lawful development for siting of existing storage building (operational development) and related existing storage use (Resubmission of 1511/21/CLE) Cert of Lawfulness (Existing) Certified
Land At Gara Bridge Moreleigh TQ9 7JT 13 October 2021
3827/21/TCA Mr Steve Carter - PJD Construction
G1: Sycamore x 3 - Crown lift to 4 metres from ground level due to overhanging property; G2: Elm x 2 - Crown lift to 4 metres from groundlevel due to overhanging property; G3 Elm x 4 - Fell to near ground level to prevent trees interfering with the property
Quarry Park Ringmore TQ7 4HL 13 October 2021
3690/21/TPO Mrs Johanna Brett
T1: Multi stemmed Sycamore - Height reduction of stem on South side by3m to a finished height of 5m to match other stems. Stem leaning towards neighbouring property and tree has damage to base. Tree Works Allowed
Touchdown Swannaton Road Dartmouth TQ6 9RL 13 October 2021
3590/21/HHO Mr & Mrs Coombs
Householder application for new rear storage enclosure Application within consultation/publicity period
Treyard Weir Quay Bere Alston PL20 7BS 13 October 2021
3445/21/FUL Mrs Williams-Geldard
Replacement dwelling and associated works Application within consultation/publicity period
Sunnyside, The Haybarn South Allington 13 October 2021
3430/21/HHO Jane Howes
Householder application for single storey side extension Application within consultation/publicity period
4 Meadow Drive Brixton PL8 2NZ 13 October 2021
2982/21/FUL Newton and Noss Community Land Trust
The erection of 20 residential units (17 social rent and 3 open market) with associated car parking and landscaping Application within consultation/publicity period
Land Opposite Butts Park Parsonage Road Newton Ferrers PL8 1HY 13 October 2021
3842/21/PDM Mr And Mrs Graeme Prowse
Application to determine if prior approval is required for a proposed change of use of agricultural buildings to 1No. dwellinghouses (Class C3) Withdrawn
Lower Combe Lower Combe Buckfastleigh TQ11 0LE 12 October 2021
3840/21/TPO Jacqueline Bate
T1: Oak - Crown height reduction by up to 1 metre on north side to re-prune tree back in line with the property boundary as done previously, Crown height reduction by 1.5-2 metres on east side to prune tree back from property and provide clearance from garage and property Tree Works Allowed
27 Boringdon Park Ivybridge PL21 9TY 12 October 2021
3834/21/AGR Frederick Thompson
Application to determine if prior approval is required for a proposed agricultural storage building Prior Approval Not required
Horsecombe Farm Higher Batson TQ8 8NF 12 October 2021
3833/21/AGR Mr Jon Rogers
Application to determine if prior approval is required for a proposed new agricultural storage building Prior Approval Refused
Ilton Farm Malborough TQ7 3BZ 12 October 2021
3831/21/ARC Ms J Ross
Application for approval of details reserved by condition 3 of planning consent 2022/18/HHO Discharge of condition Approved
Just A Cottage Eddystone Road To Kerse Cross Thurlestone TQ7 3NE 12 October 2021
3826/21/TEX Mr Phillip Sheridan
T1: Ash, T2: Ash, T3: Ash, T4: Ash - Fell due to severe Ash dieback
Land West of Longacre House Crapstone PL20 7PF 12 October 2021

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