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2159/22/TCA Mrs Gregory
T1: Ash - Section fell to ground level due to tree having advanced symptoms of Hymenoscyphus fraxineus
Essington Lodge Essington Road North Tawton Devon EX20 2EX 20 June 2022
2066/22/TCA Mrs Sandie Lovell
G1: Young/Semi Mature Ash & Sycamore - dismantle and fell smaller front line trees overhanging Moorashes Cottages to ground level. Pruneback overhanging limbs to main stems. Excessive shading over neighbour.
Totnes County Primary School The Grove Totnes TQ9 5ED 20 June 2022
1957/22/ADV The Chota Estates Company Ltd
Advertisement consent for fascia sign above ground floor commercial unit and name of building in vertical lettering on front elevation Application within consultation/publicity period
De Courcey House Flavel Street Dartmouth 20 June 2022
1847/22/FUL Mr & Dr Grant & Lynne Wyness
Application for change of use of domestic garage to form annexe & external alterations including erection of porch Application within consultation/publicity period
Hunters Moon Old Quarry Road Buckland Monachorum PL20 7NB 20 June 2022
1769/22/VAR Mr & Mrs Adams
Application variation of a condition 2 (approved plans) following planning consent 4075/19/HHO Application within consultation/publicity period
67 Above Town Dartmouth TQ6 9RH 20 June 2022
1630/22/VAR Mr L. Hassard - Dartmouth Building Company
Application for variation of condition 2 (approved plans) & removal ofcondition 3 (landscape scheme) of planning consent 2183/18/FUL Application within consultation/publicity period
Ritson Farm Halwell TQ9 7JG 20 June 2022
1629/22/ARM Mr Dick Whittington - Dick Whittington Developments Ltd
Application for approval of reserved matters following outline approval 2574/16/OPA (Outline application with all matters reserved for 14 new dwellings)relating to access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale and discharge of outline planning conditions Application within consultation/publicity period
Dennings Wallingford Road Kingsbridge TQ7 1NF 20 June 2022
1628/22/VAR Mr James Crockatt
Application for variation of condition 9 (foul drainage) and 10 (surface water drainage) of planning consent 0751/18/FUL Application within consultation/publicity period
One Gun Point Castle Road Dartmouth TQ6 0JN 20 June 2022
1586/22/HHO Mr Will Kenyon
Householder application for proposed works to insert roof lights into existing vaulted single storey pitch roof, regularisation of front deck & balustrade & new pitch roof section to form porch/outside spaceweather shelter at rear Application within consultation/publicity period
7 Croft View Terrace Salcombe TQ8 8DL 20 June 2022
2132/22/AGR Dr Guy Fowler
Application to determine if prior approval is required for a proposed new agricultural building measuring 18.4m x 12.2m x 5.5m height to ridge Application within consultation/publicity period
Land at Ochre Mill Loddiswell Kingsbridge TQ7 4DX 17 June 2022
2126/22/TPO Mr Brown
T1: Copper Beech – Lateral reduction by 2.5-3 metres on SE side to reduce risk of branches failing, Lateral reduction by 3-3.5 metres on S over client cottage to avoid future damage to client property, Reduction of branch on SW over grassy area to reduce shade, T2: CopperBeach - Lateral reduction by 2-2.5 metres to reduce shading and avoid damage to cars, T3: Copper Beach – Lateral reduction by 3-3.5 metres on S, SW and SE side to reduce shading and avoid any potential dangersto client and neighbour's Property, Reduction of 2 x ascending stems on N side at 30 + 40 ft by 4 metres, T4: Holly – Fell and Remove due to poor form and vigour, replant with native broad leaf, T5: Beech - Application under consideration by Officer
235 Whitchurch Road Tavistock PL19 9DQ 17 June 2022
2114/22/ARC Mr Richard Bennett
Application for approval of details reserved by condition 3 (Construction Method Statement) of planning application 4324/21/FUL.
Seacliffe Overseas Estate Stoke Fleming Devon TQ6 0PJ 17 June 2022
1648/22/FUL Mr Jeffery Dunn
Demolition of agriculutral barn and erection of 2 in no. dwellings Application within consultation/publicity period
West Nymph Farm South Tawton EX20 2RJ 17 June 2022
2174/22/PHH Mr Jon Smart
Application to determine if prior approval is required for a proposed single storey pitched roof extension measuring 8m x 4m high Application within consultation/publicity period
Henrys Dartington TQ9 6DQ 16 June 2022
2093/22/ARC Mr J Jones
Application for approval of details reserved by condition 3 (Surface Water Management Scheme) of planning application 0318/20/HHO Application within consultation/publicity period
23 Orion Drive Sherford Plymouth Devon PL9 8GL 16 June 2022

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