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2994/22/VAR Mr Jonathan Andrews
Application for variation of condition 9 (opening hours) of planning consent 2035/21/FUL (Change of agricultural land to dual use, agriculture and secure dog walking area, parking and amenity building)to extend the opening hours Application within consultation/publicity period
Land at SX 515 490 Wembury 25 August 2022
2858/22/HHO Simon Jephcott
Householder application for proposed attic floor & side extension (Resubmission of 0879/22/HHO) Application within consultation/publicity period
Rosedene Bay View Close Stoke Fleming TQ6 0QQ 25 August 2022
2757/22/FUL Miss Saskia Joesbury
Erection of stable block and change of use to equestrian Application within consultation/publicity period
Development Site at SX 793 508 Blackawton 25 August 2022
2737/22/CLB Mrs Selena Mollard
Certificate of Lawfulness for Proposed works to a Listed Building for roof repairs Application within consultation/publicity period
6 Market Street Tavistock PL19 0DA 25 August 2022
2700/22/FUL Mr And Mrs Hoffman
Revised design including rear extension & garage Application within consultation/publicity period
Plot 1 of Development site at SX 516 892 Bridestowe 25 August 2022
2553/22/HHO Mrs Cathy Gillard
Householder application for installation of new oil tank with concretebase & associated pipes to replace non-compliant existing oil tank (retrospective) Application within consultation/publicity period
Spray Cottage Hope Cove TQ7 3HP 25 August 2022
2535/22/TPO Mr Jim Thompson
T0846: Turkey Oak - remove major deadwood, T0844: Sycamore - fell to ground level, G0845: Sycamore x3 - fell to ground level, T0403: Ash - fell to ground level, G0030: Crytomeria x1, Sycamore x1 - fell to ground level, C3: Mixed Beech x1, Goat Willow x1, Sycamore x2, Turkey Oak x1 - remove dead stems and deadwood above garage, re-coppice groupof Sycamore 1.5 metres from ground level, crown raise all trees to 2m clearance above garage
Flat 6, The Dower House South Brent TQ10 9JX 25 August 2022
2431/22/FUL Mr Paul Baker
Replace existing shed with a home office & overspill ancillary accommodation to the main dwelling Application within consultation/publicity period
Hillside Cottage Church Hill Holbeton PL8 1LN 25 August 2022
3032/22/SCR South West Water
Request for EIA Screening Opinion in relation to a ground mounted solar array and associated infrastructure Environmental Statement under EIA Regs Required
Littlehempston Water Treatment Works Littlehempston TQ9 6LZ 24 August 2022
3025/22/PAS South West Water
Prior Notification for replacement and new enclosures, concrete base platform & associated pipework & apparatus Application within consultation/publicity period
Pumping Station Spry Lane Lifton 24 August 2022
3017/22/COM Ms Selva Dharshini S - Openreach
Notice of Intent to Install Electronic Communication Apparatus Comprising One 9 metre Medium Pole Application under consideration by Officer
Love Lane House Marldon TQ3 1SP 24 August 2022
2993/22/HHO Mrs J Cox
Householder application for construction of garage & storage (retrospective) Application within consultation/publicity period
Clover Cottage Cliff Road Wembury PL9 0HN 24 August 2022
2989/22/ARC Mr Tom Biddle - Baker Estates Ltd
Application for approval of details reserved by condition 7 (Materials) of planning application 2434/18/ARM Application under consideration by Officer
"Allocated Site K5" Land At Sx729 440, West Alvington Hill Kingsbridge 24 August 2022
2986/22/ARC Mr & Mrs Wheeler
Application for approval of details reserved by condition 8 (Construction Management Plan) of planning consent 2698/20/FUL Application awaiting key consultation responses
Dart Lea Swannaton Road Dartmouth TQ6 9RL 24 August 2022
2984/22/VAR Mr & Mrs C Bowles
Application for variation of condition 2 (approved plans) on planning consent 0648/17/FUL Application within consultation/publicity period
Blacklands Farm Slapton TQ7 2QE 24 August 2022

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