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3818/22/COM Mr Bonnaventure Ngoran - Airband Community Internet Ltd
Notice of Intent to Install Electronic Communication Apparatus Comprising Two Pole at 10.5 metres high (9 mtrs above ground) Permitted development
Bondleigh Moor House Bondleigh North Tawton EX20 2AQ 01 November 2022
3807/22/CLP Mr Owen Marshall
Certificate of Lawfulness for Proposed creation of new garage workshopto rear & removal of previous garage which is no longer fit for purpose (Resubmission of 2258/22/CLP) Application within consultation/publicity period
Eveleigh Higher Westonfields Totnes TQ9 5RB 01 November 2022
3806/22/ARC Mr Nick Williams - Harberton and Harbertonford Community Land Trust
Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 4 (Coordinated Site Plan) 6 (Surface Water) 7 (Surface Water Adoption) 8(Surface Water during Construction) 10 (Landscape) 11 (LEMP) and 12 (External Lighting) of planning consent 3628/17/FUL Application within consultation/publicity period
"Oak Tree Field at SX 778 588" Tristford Road Harberton 01 November 2022
3804/22/CLP Ms Riches
Certificate of Lawfulness for Proposed internal & external alterationsto existing dwellinghouse & garage building; including alteration & addition of ground floor doors & windows, alterations to external porch step, addition of 3No. rooflights, installation of electric outlet for recharging vehicles & installation of solar equipment on domestic premises (to the roof of the garage building) & minor internal alterations Application within consultation/publicity period
Warren House Warren Road Thurlestone TQ7 3NT 01 November 2022
3803/22/CLE Mr John Hoyle
Certificate of Lawfeulness for Existing use for change of use of land to garden/domestic curtilage Application within consultation/publicity period
Newton Farm Barns Lumburn Tavistock PL19 8HU 01 November 2022
3802/22/FUL Bovisands Park Limited
New external terrace & alterations to external envelope of premises, installation of roof & ground mounted photovoltaic panels Application within consultation/publicity period
Cafe Bovisands, Bovisand Park Bovisand Lane Down Thomas PL9 0AE 01 November 2022
3801/22/ARC Mr Bicknell - Leander Developments Ltd
Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 8 (Environmental Impact) and 14 (Method of Construction) of planning consent 2472/17/OPA Application awaiting key consultation responses
Town Farm Launceston Road Bridestowe 01 November 2022
3800/22/ARC Mr & Mrs Allen
Application for approval of details reserved by condition 5 (CMP) of planning consent 3463/20/FUL Additional information requested from Applicant/Agent
Orestone End Cliff Road Salcombe Devon TQ8 8JQ 01 November 2022
3796/22/FUL Simon Essex - Okehampton Skills and Sports Trust
Demolition of unsafe buildings & provision of car parking Application within consultation/publicity period
The Old Mill Mill Road Okehampton 01 November 2022
3794/22/ARC Mr Jamie Cameron
Application for approval of details reserved by condition 3 (New Joinery) of planning consent 1675/22/HHO Discharge of condition Approved
The Old Parsonage Harbertonford Devon TQ9 7TP 01 November 2022
3788/22/VAR Mr S Cann - Enchanted House Beds
Application for variation of condition 3 (Business hours) of planning consent 2076/22/FUL Application within consultation/publicity period
Old Railway Station Sampford Courtenay EX20 2SN 01 November 2022
3783/22/ARC Mrs S Farrow
Application for approval of details reserved by condition 4 (Slates) of planning consent 1931/21/HHO Discharge of condition Approved
The Warren Beesands North Side Beesands TQ7 2EJ 01 November 2022
3765/22/PDM Mr D Burner
Application to determine if prior approval is required for a proposed change of use of agricultural building to 1No. dwellinghouse (Class C3) and for associated operational development (Class Q (a+b))
Agricultural Barn at SX 770 427 Frogmore 01 November 2022
3667/22/NMM Mr R Bennett
Non Material Minor amendment to planning consent 4324/21/FUL (Demolition of existing dwelling & garage & construction of new replacement dwelling & associated landscaping) for removal of one treeBetula Pendular (Silver Birch) & replace with one Pines Syvestris (Scots Pine) Application under consideration by Officer
Seacliffe Overseas Estate Stoke Fleming TQ6 0PJ 01 November 2022
3659/22/FUL Mr & Mrs Harvey
Replacement dwelling following grant of Class Q, demolition of barn subject to Class Q prior approval, change of use of land to domestic curtilage, detached garage, use of alternative existing access with alterations and permeable driveway, site landscaping works & installation of non mains drainage Application within consultation/publicity period
Barn Park East Allington TQ9 7PY 01 November 2022

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