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4165/20/FUL Mr & Mrs A & A Strutt
Demolition of garages and construction of new dwelling Application within consultation/publicity period
4 Radnor Terrace Totnes TQ9 5JW 21 December 2020
4164/20/HHO Mr & Mrs Ward
Householder application for rear extension and internal alterations Application within consultation/publicity period
8 Hawthorn Park Road Wembury PL9 0DB 21 December 2020
4163/20/HHO Mr Simon Godley
Householder application for replacement of metal/masonry balustrades on North/East elevations with frameless glass balustrade
Blue Haze Knowle Road TQ8 8EQ 21 December 2020
4149/20/TPO Mrs Marian Parsons
T1: Cypress - Lateral reduction (lower secondary branches) by 1.5m on West side to give clearance from adjacent building
Manor House Coronation Road Totnes TQ9 5DF 21 December 2020
4146/20/ARC Mr Michael Woodman-Smith - Atelier Woodman
Application for approval of details reserved by condition 3 of planning application 3015/20/LBC Application within consultation/publicity period
Chantry Studio, Chantry Loddiswell Devon TQ7 4EH 21 December 2020
4127/20/HHO Mr & Mrs D Rist
Householder application for rear roof extension Application within consultation/publicity period
Speedwell House 108 Above Town Dartmouth Devon TQ6 9RH 21 December 2020
4108/20/NMM Mr Douglas Gunn Douglas Gunn Architectural Design Ltd
Non material minor amendment to planning consent 2078/17/FUL for insertion of new bathroom window to first floor South elevation Conditional Approval
The Orchard Well Street Loddiswell 21 December 2020
4028/20/VAR Mr J Frost
Variation of condition 2 (approved plans for addition of car port) of planning consent 0681/18/VAR Application within consultation/publicity period
Land adjacent to 50 Above Town Dartmouth Devon 21 December 2020
4025/20/FUL Mr A Jarman - Tavistock Cricket Club
Extension and alterations to cricket pavilion
Tavistock Cricket Club The Ring Whitchurch Down Tavistock PL19 9DD 21 December 2020
3901/20/FUL Mr William Tuckett
Erection of single storey 4-bay garage Application within consultation/publicity period
Land Adjacent To Tyller Tythy Road From Knighton To The Angle Crapstone Devon 21 December 2020
3884/20/FUL Mr M Ashby
Proposed storage building to rear of existing premises Application within consultation/publicity period
Ashbys of Kingsbridge East Charleton TQ7 2AP 21 December 2020
3635/20/HHO Emma and Earl Pound and Earl
Householder application for first floor side extension Application within consultation/publicity period
46 Townstal Road Dartmouth TQ6 9HR 21 December 2020
4167/20/FUL Mr Dallas Burston
Demolition of existing dwelling and construction of replacement four bedroom dwelling and ground floor boathouse Application within consultation/publicity period
Gramercy Boathouse Road From Swannaton Road To Brandaris Warfleet Dartmouth TQ6 9BZ 18 December 2020
4159/20/AGR Mr Malcolm Church
Application for prior notification of proposed agricultural storage building Ag Determination details not required
The Bear and Blacksmith Farm Sherford TQ7 2AU 18 December 2020
4157/20/ARC N/A
Application for approval of details reserved by condition 10 of application 0825/18/VAR Application within consultation/publicity period
Sherford Housing Development Site East Sherford Cross To Wollaton Cross Zc4 Brixton Devon 18 December 2020

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