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4132/20/ARC Mr & Mrs R Weeks
Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, & 9 of planning application 3585/18/FUL Application within consultation/publicity period
Oxenpark Barn Sampford Courtenay EX20 2AD 22 December 2020
4079/20/CLP Paul Ellis
Certificate of lawfulness for proposed creation of covered parking area, erection of oak framed carport and conversion of existing doublegarage to home office Approval
Coles Cross House East Allington TQ9 7RH 22 December 2020
4071/20/FUL Mr And Mrs M Uglow
Full application for conversion of barn to two dwellings following class Q consent, with extension of curtilage and landscaping Application within consultation/publicity period
Hall Torrs Barn Yealmpton Devon PL8 2LW 22 December 2020
4041/20/ARM Rose Tripp
Application for approval of reserved matters following outline approval 0102/19/OPA Application within consultation/publicity period
Land at SX 501 992 off Crowden Road Northlew 22 December 2020
3793/20/TCA Mrs Jill Stevens
T6: Horse Chestnut - Lateral reduction by 1m on all sides to allow clearance from property wall and ensure balance and shape of tree is maintained
20 Dittisham Court Dittisham TQ6 0HS 22 December 2020
3441/20/HHO Lisa and Paul Parsons
Householder application for proposed loft extension to front and rear of property and ground floor and first floor extensions
Westerley Five Lanes Road Marldon TQ3 1NQ 22 December 2020
4311/20/COM Pegasus Group
Notice of intention to install 5G Electronic Communications apparatus to existing telecommunications installation Permitted development
Easton Farm West Alvington Kingsbridge TQ7 3QD 21 December 2020
4236/20/AGR Mr Alex Browne and Miss Charlotte Titterton
Application for prior notification of agricultural storage building Application under consideration by Officer
Wild Strawberry Barn Loddiswell TQ7 4DU 21 December 2020
4234/20/AGR Mr Ashley Gill
Application for prior notification of erection of forestry building for storage of machinery and tools Prior Approval Details required
Land at SX 549 105 Hatherleigh Christmas Trees Hatherleigh 21 December 2020
4220/20/PDM Mr G Beer
Application to determine if prior approval is required for proposed change of use of agricultural building to 2 no. dwellinghouses (Class C3) and for associated operational development (Class Q(a+b)) Application within consultation/publicity period
Hill Croft Barns Landscove Totnes TQ9 6AL 21 December 2020
4206/20/LBC Director Rachel Morley - Friends of Friendless Churches
Listed Building Consent for masonry repairs, stabilisation of gable walls, localised dismantling and rebuilding of disrupted masonry and installation of soft cappings to wall heads Application within consultation/publicity period
St Andrews Church South Huish TQ7 3EH 21 December 2020
4195/20/ARC Mr WIilliam Meharg
Application for approval of details reserved by condition 3 for planning application 2102/19/HHO Application within consultation/publicity period
Mow Cottage Diptford Devon TQ9 7NU 21 December 2020
4194/20/CLP Mr Derek Price
Certificate of Lawfulness for proposed new garden outbuildings incorporating some existing structures Application within consultation/publicity period
Lee Farm Coryton EX20 4PE 21 December 2020
4179/20/FUL Messrs T Sawday, Fisher & Savage
Sub division of existing farmhouse dwelling into two dwellings Application within consultation/publicity period
West Prawle Farmhouse East Portlemouth TQ8 8PW 21 December 2020
4170/20/HHO Mr Andrew Leslie
Householder application for weather protection structure to the kitchen door and minor repositioning of a greenhouse structure Application within consultation/publicity period
The Linhay Fursdon Service Road Staverton TQ9 6AJ 21 December 2020

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