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1574/22/FUL Mr Dan Bly - Salcombe Dairy Ltd
Proposed cafe & shop to include details of replacement trees (revision of 1417/20/FUL)
Salcombe Dairy Ltd Shadycombe Road Salcombe TQ8 8DX 01 June 2022
1421/22/HHO Mrs Jane Brookes
Householder application for single storey rear extension, front porch canopy & upgrade of external finishes Application within consultation/publicity period
White Lodge 140A Whitchurch Road Tavistock PL19 9DE 01 June 2022
1943/22/TEX Mr David Cobbold
T1: Larch - leaning over the road. T2: x2 Laurel - ground cover area to be cleared. There is a Larch treeleaning dangerously over the road that is being held by a Beech tree. The intention is to clear some ground cover Laurel ( not covered by the TPO I understand ) to create a safe working area. Once the Laurel has been felled then the Larch can be felled/winched safely away from the road and stream. Tree Works Allowed
Newnham Park Plympton PL7 5BN 31 May 2022
1930/22/ARC Mr Andrew Hodder
Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 4 (Roofing Slates) and 5 (Stone Wall) of planning application 0388/22/HHO Discharge of condition Approved
Gramercy Boathouse Warfleet Dartmouth TQ6 9BZ 31 May 2022
1927/22/FUL Mr Mrs Petterson
Change of use from agricultural land to domestic use Application within consultation/publicity period
South Stone Barn Broadwoodkelly EX19 8DY 31 May 2022
1916/22/VAR Mrs Beryl Booth
Application for variation of condition 2 (approved plans) of planning consent 1624/20/FUL (Appeal ref APP/K1128/W/20/3262724) Application within consultation/publicity period
Woodville Pillory Hill Noss Mayo Plymouth PL8 1ED 31 May 2022
1914/22/PST Mr Nicholas Hurst - Artemis Optical Ltd
Notification for prior approval for installation of a Solar PV system on the rooves
1 Western Wood Way Langage Science Park Plympton PL7 5BG 31 May 2022
1903/22/ARC Mr Paul Davies
Application for approval of details reserved by condition 4 (Roofing Materials) of planning consent 1369/19/HHO Application under consideration by Officer
6 Park Road Lifton PL16 0BL 31 May 2022
1820/22/HHO Mr Colin Judge
Householder application for replacement side extension, new front porch and roof lights to existing loft rooms Application within consultation/publicity period
Tapscott Swannaton Road Dartmouth TQ6 9RL 31 May 2022
1813/22/NMM Mr Geoffrey Cawse - CawseDesign
Non Material Minor amendment to planning consent 0088/22/FUL (Proposeddwelling, access and services) to omit two windows, enlarge external plant room to house solar panel battery system, re-orientation and increase by 300mm on roof pitch Application within consultation/publicity period
8 Letherens Meadow North Tawton EX20 2FQ 31 May 2022
1729/22/LBC Mr Richard Roberts
Listed building consent to repair and replace existing mortar and render on outward facing external walls Application within consultation/publicity period
The Old Market The Market Dartmouth TQ6 9SE 31 May 2022
1675/22/HHO Mr Jamie Cameron
Householder application to replace, remove & install dormers, install rooflights & roof deck, replace asbestos tiles, strengthening & refurbishment roof works & alteration work to ground floor window Application within consultation/publicity period
The Old Parsonage Harbertonford TQ9 7TP 31 May 2022
1670/22/LBC Mr + Mrs Courage
Listed building consent for repair & extension of historic farm building to form additional living accommodation (Resubmission of 3088/20/LBC) Application within consultation/publicity period
Middletown Farmhouse Sampford Courtenay EX20 2SZ 31 May 2022
1669/22/FUL Mr + Mrs Courage
Repair & extension of historic farm building to form additional livingaccommodation (Resubmission of 3087/20/FUL) Application within consultation/publicity period
Middletown Farmhouse Sampford Courtenay EX20 2SZ 31 May 2022
1626/22/HHO Mr Kane Dingley
Householder application for side & rear extension with PV Panels to roof (Resubmission of 3828/21/HHO) Application within consultation/publicity period
Highlands Church Street Ermington PL21 9NJ 31 May 2022

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